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  • My physician friend recommended ThriveAgain PT to me several months ago as I was having worsening musculoskeletal pain that stemmed from an injury several years ago. I'd seen several other providers over the years but nothing seemed to help. I was feeling hopeless and down that my pain was not only untreatable but seemed to be getting worse by the day. During my first session, I was so impressed by my therapist’s knowledge of the human body and her ability to so quickly assess my situation and the intricate interplay between several symptoms I was experiencing. After that first session, I already felt dramatically better, and most importantly I had hope. I've come in as often as I'm able since that first appointment, and my time with has been nothing short of life-altering. My therapist has helped me with chronic, long-standing issues as well as acute injuries, and most recently she has helped me significantly following an abdominal surgery. I am so impressed by her versatility. Not only does she help with ailments/injuries, but she also helps me optimize my system to avoid future injuries and to just feel better in my body in general. Thank you, ThriveAgain PT for giving me hope and allowing me to live more fully in the world!

    Stephanie C.

  • Jess is absolutely amazing.  Thanks to her background in martial arts, she is able to quickly identify injuries incurred during training that other physical therapists might miss.  When I described the context of the training injury that sent me to her, she knew exactly what had happened and was able to take immediate action to both relieve the pain and ensure that my body was better equipped to handle potential issues in the future.

    Stacy H.

  • Jessica is a very skilled professional who can adjust her methods to fit your needs and lifestyle. She’s very attuned with a person’s body and adjusts her treatments based on your body’s reaction to it. What’s more, she understands that active individuals don’t usually go well with the “rest, ice and ibuprofen” routine so she is able to get you well while you still can actively train.

    Sara S.

  • ThriveAgain fixed persistent problems with both my back and hip. What I like about my therapist's approach is that she's constantly learning new techniques and advancing her training, and has a very open mind about what is effective. The result is that she has a large repertoire of techniques at her disposal. She's great!

    Chris D.

  • Pain. Free. Intercourse. Achievement unlocked! If you are looking for highly personalized treatment and a skilled physical therapist, ThriveAgain PT is for you. My therapist made me feel comfortable and was always sensitive to my mental and emotional situation during our weekly sessions. I highly recommend anyone experiencing pelvic floor pain seek out ThriveAgain PT. No one should have to have painful intercourse or feel awkward discussing it with a medical professional.


  • Jess is the best!  I've been seeing her for pregnancy-related issues and she has been able to help me feel a lot better in a relatively short period of time.  She really focuses on her patients and makes sure that you're on board with her treatment plan at each stage - no surprises and no feeling like you're wasting your time.  I've seen plenty of PTs over the years and she is far and away the most skilled while also being the most pleasant to be around. Highly recommend!

    Stephanie F.

  • ThriveAgain changed my life. My therapist connected the dots and provided the physical therapy and pelvic floor treatment I needed in a cozy and supportive setting. My therapist is a great listener. She is queer-affirming and trans-affirming, trauma-informed, and really tries to give you the tools to heal yourself. It started me on a path of listening to my body and believing that I could feel good again.


  • Jessica is a highly skilled and competent therapist and I strongly recommend her practice.   I have seen Jessica on and off for the past couple of years for both neck and upper back issues connected to TMJ related problems and for hip and piriformis issues related to distance running.  I also saw a couple of therapists at other practices during this time and there was just no comparison.  Her treatments are thorough, she is knowledgeable and communicative about anatomy and she has strong and confident hands - very important when seeking manual techniques.  I could feel her unlocking my neck and would walk away from treatments with a significantly wider range of motion and much less pain. I trusted her to coordinate her treatment with other providers I was seeing and was very grateful for her consults on my overall TMJ issue.    I recently completed a half marathon thanks to her treatment and coaching on my stride.   Luckily, my hips and neck have been doing great since seeing Jess but she will be the therapist I seek out if I ever need more treatments.

    Miriam J.

  • I was in a car accident 15 years ago and have been to a number of physical therapy clinics, but none as great as ThriveAgain.  Their "whole body" approach to treatment has helped me by leaps and bounds.  I no longer feel restrained by my original injury and am doing things I never thought possible, pushing my body to new levels.

    Kirstin M.

  • ThriveAgain PT has resolved my ongoing ankle issues, helped with my hand and wrist issues that had been misdiagnosed as purely carpal tunnel syndrome and done wonders with my lower back pain from a car accident. I've felt better from all three problems in just a few sessions. And unlike some other physical therapists I've seen, they give you a bit of homework to reinforce what they’ve fixed. So much better than having a PT watch you do exercises while treating other people.

    Sue C.

  • After an injury and two years of bouncing from one physical therapist (and neurologist, pain specialist, and chiropractor) to the next, Jessica healed my body in a matter of months. She did so gracefully and, amazingly, while I was pregnant. The other specialists had misdiagnosed my low pack pain as evidence of weak core muscles, torn ligaments, and herniated discs, but Jessica---who is a sharp listener and rigorous problem-solver---realized that weak pelvic floor muscles were the culprit. I did not need to see her after that pregnancy for nearly two years. Her commitment to her patients is unwavering. Her knowledge of pain processing, and her ability to put those ideas into practice, is stellar. She is the real deal.


  • I saw Jessica back in 2011/2012 when I was pregnant. She is simply amazing. I originally knew of her through my martial arts training.  When I was pregnant I started to get Sciatica pain which is pretty common for pregnant women. She fixed that right up.

    Since that time I have seen her for various concerns both related to post-pregnancy and martial arts training. I think she is simply brilliant. And I don't say that lightly. Every time she has found and addressed the immediate issue and to give excellent follow up. I had avoided physical therapists after a bad stint long ago.  Some people just have really good instincts, skill and judgement. When you find them, you realize they are worth it.  She is totally worth it. Even my skeptic husband who saw her for an injury agrees.

    Sarah W.

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