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An alternative or supplement to in-person care


We are pleased to offer video telehealth as an alternative or supplement to in-person care. Telehealth sessions are available to new and existing patients.
Telehealth sessions take place over a HIPAA compliant secure video interface (Theranest) and allow for many of the treatments that you might receive in our office. 
Some examples include:
  • Exercise Instruction
  • Functional Retraining
  • Education 
  • Postural Re-education
  • Ergonomic Training
  • Practical Advice
  • Troubleshooting
In addition, having a view of your home environment provides your therapist a unique opportunity to evaluate ergonomic and environmental factors that may be impacting your symptoms.  
Examples of home activities, positions, and areas that may benefit from our input:
  • Sleep positioning
  • Workstation set-up
  • Your favorite chair 
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Bathroom set-up
  • Running or walking form (you’ll need a friend to video you for this one!)
  • Any other home task that’s giving you trouble
For new patients, telehealth evaluations include a thorough history taking, movement assessment, and personalized treatment plan. As always, therapy sessions are one-on-one and private. Telehealth sessions last 45-55 minutes for initial evaluation and 20-30 minutes for follow-up. Please note, while telehealth is fully compliant with healthcare laws and regulations, health insurance companies may not reimburse at the same rate as they do for in-person visits. Under current law, your therapist must be licensed in the state where you are located during the telehealth session. All of our physical therapists are licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. We also have therapists licensed in Virginia and Pennsylvania. If you do not see your state listed or have questions about seeing a particular therapist for telehealth, please check with us as regulations and requirements are quickly evolving.
If you are unsure whether a telehealth visit is right for you, feel free to contact us for input from one of our therapists.
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Jessica fixed persistent problems with both my back and hip. What I like about Jessica's approach is that she's constantly learning new techniques and advancing her training, and has a very open mind about what is effective. The result is that she has a large repertoire of techniques at her disposal. She's great!
- Chris D.