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Persistent Problem?


Are you looking for experienced healthcare providers to look at your body as a whole and put all the pieces together to finally get you the real relief you need? That’s our specialty.

Many of our patients have seen multiple other providers before coming to us, but have not gotten the results they need. We look comprehensively at each patient’s body to consider the complex interplay of factors that are contributing to each individual’s problems. We also collaborate with some of the top doctors in the area.   In fact, many doctors and other health care providers choose to come to us to meet their own physical therapy needs.
We employ a variety of advanced skills manual therapy techniques, stabilization and movement retraining. The specialists on our team work together to address your problem at a deep level with the goal of resolving it completely and preventing it from reoccurring.

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Jessica fixed persistent problems with both my back and hip. What I like about Jessica's approach is that she's constantly learning new techniques and advancing her training, and has a very open mind about what is effective. The result is that she has a large repertoire of techniques at her disposal. She's great!
- Chris D.