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Martial Artists and Athletes

Hundreds of martial artists and fighters in the region have trusted us to get them back to the top of their game - from casual weekend practitioners to pro fighters. We also treat many other athletes, frequently seeing yoga enthusiasts, marathon runners and triathletes.

Injury Prevention

Ever wonder why you keep spraining your ankle, straining your hamstring, or developing shoulder, knee or back pain? Targeted physical therapy can help you address the underlying factors that caused the problem in the first place. Analysis of your martial arts or sports technique to minimize risk of injury.

Performance Enhancement

Improve your flexibility, muscle balance, and other factors that affect performance. We gear our manual treatment and functional therapeutic exercise to the specific needs of your body.

Recovery from Injuries

Whether a round house kick got the outside of your knee, or long hours at a desk have resulted in an aching neck, we can help you heal more completely, and get back to 100% as quickly as possible. We also treat post-concussions,offering craniosacral therapy to assist the brain in healing.

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I was in a car accident 15 years ago and have seen a number of physical therapists, but none as great as Jess. Her whole body approach to treatment has helped me by leaps and bounds. I no longer feel restrained by my original injury and I am doing things I never thought possible, pushing my body to new levels.

― Kirstin M ―